Fired-On Images Kit
Fired-On Images Kit
Fired-On Images Kit

Fired-On Images Kit

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Make your own decals with and HP or Canon black & white laser printer. Easily colorize sepia images!

  • Includes 10 - 8.5"x11" sheets and instructions 
  • Lab tested for food safety
  • For use on multiple surfaces including earthenware, stoneware, porcelain, and fusible glass



  1. Image has disappeared completely after firing: Make sure that you are using An *HP or Canon BLACK-ONLY Laser Printers or Multifunction Printer /Copiers or Fax machines to make your image. Only use authentic HP or Canon toners, no substitutes. Use onlyFired-On Images™” Brand of Transfer Paper. *As of 2019 a few NEW HP models do not contain iron oxide. Before buying a new printer, Check the MSDS site linked below for the toner cartridge number to see if it contains iron oxide / ferrite. All Canon Black-only laser printers/copiers still work! 


  1. Black Toner smudged when you remove water from the unfired transfer paper: If toner smudges on the decal paper before you’ve touched it... change paper preference in printer menu to “Heavy Paper”


  1. Image wipes off after firing: Transfer firing too low, try again at a higher temperature. Porcelain Painters check the tutorial for cone 018 temp firing info 


  1. Image has faded after firing: Transfer firing temperature is too hot…use a lower temp.



  1. Image has cracks in it: Small microscopic crackling is normal but if you see large cracks or holes after firing, be sure to handle the film as little as possible by lifting the backing paper out of water bath with film still attached then slide film onto surface gently. Use a rubber roller “brayer” over a paper towel laid on top of the image then remove water and bubbles.  Do not stretch the film when applying. 


  1. Ware has cracked after firing:

Stoneware requires a slow fire for both heating up and cooling down. 

Porcelain and stoneware must be dry footed…placed directly on kiln shelf 


  1. Glazed Surface has bubbled or roughed up during image firing:  

The Glaze you used is not suitable for additional high temperature firings. Best results with a non-moving glaze. Test first!  For best with factory glazed tableware be sure that it has a permanent label stating “microwave safe” fired onto bottom.