• Lillstreet Art Center Stands Firm During Pandemic Year

     A city the size of Chicago offers a multitude of venues for the exploration of human creativity, with studios and galleries throughout the metropolitan area and its suburbs, but the city’s artistic nexus can be found at Lillstreet Art Center.  For over four decades, the center has provided a home for artists of all varieties.  Founded in 1975 by current Director Bruce Robbins and Martin Cohen, Lillstreet has stood as the gateway for the human need to interpret the world through art.  As we approach the one-year anniversary of a world pandemic, Director Robbins looks back on a year marked by innovative solutions to unique challenges.
  • GR Pottery Forms owner Jeff Rottman to Demo at CSC on October 12

    Sometimes the artist creates by inspiration and sometimes it all boils down to plain old problem solving.  Jeff Rottman spent a decade working as a production potter and selling his work at art fairs throughout the mid-west.  Always seeking ways to improve his product, he developed wooden forms that he used to systemize his process and standardize his product.  His search for a better technique blossomed into the founding of his company, GR Pottery Forms, in 2014.  Rottman will demonstrate the use of his forms at Ceramic Supply Chicago on October 12.