Spectrum Glazes Visits Ceramic Supply Chicago

Spectrum Glazes Visits Ceramic Supply Chicago


Spectrum Glazes of Concord, Ontario in Canada is a world-wide distributor of quality kiln fired finishes for all types of ceramic products.  Spectrum’s Sales and Support representative Ian Chung will visit Ceramic Supply Chicago on Saturday, November 9 to present a series of sessions about the complexities of the glazing process.


Chung came to Spectrum in 2014 after a long history of work in commercial dinnerware production.  “I started using Spectrum glazes as far back as 1993,” he says, “and have always appreciated their consistency and quality.”  He says the glazes are preferred by studio potters and production operations, for both dinnerware, tiles, and home décor.  The glazes are all non-leaded, in a wide range of lines, including high-fire, low-fire, metallics, raku, and Majolica.  Chung says they work especially well for a brush-on technique.


At the CSC event, Chung will answer questions and demonstrate techniques.  He will address a variety of topics, including the importance of knowing how to program the kiln.  He says that many disappointments in the look of a glaze can be traced to firing errors and a lack of knowledge of the glaze itself.  He plans to alternate between an hour of Q&A and an hour of hands-on practice throughout the day.  He will provide some bisque pieces, but participants are encouraged to bring their own as well.  The day will be structured to accommodate both drop-in and full-day participants.


Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your knowledge of glazes at Ceramic Supply Chicago’s Saturday event.  Contact Dan at CSC at 847.425.1900 or info@ceramicsupplychicago.com for more information.


Browse Spectrum glazes at https://www.spectrumglazes.com/index.html