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Cincinnati, Ohio to Host Annual National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts Conference in March 15-18, 2023

Cincinnati, Ohio will serve as the host city for the 57th annual conference of the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA) conference from March 15-18, 2023. Current, the 57th annual NCECA conference promises a wide range of experiences and exhibitions for everyone who wants to learn about and experience the continuing evolution of human-kind’s most enduring art-form.

Throughout the region, NCECA and its partners have worked to select and site dozens of exhibitions that will run concurrently with the conference. Nearly all of the exhibitions will be open to the public free of charge. Core conference programming, which includes panel discussions, keynotes and other educational opportunities, will take place at the Duke Energy Convention Center. Although limited areas of the convention center will be accessible to the public free of charge, registration is required to access many presentations. Learn more and register now at www.

Day pass scholarships are available to high school students and their teachers based in the conference region. Cincinnati art educators are encouraged to contact with their class rosters, and preference of Thursday or Friday participation, at least two weeks in advance of the conference.

“This is the first time since 1990 that Cincinnati is drawing NCECA to the Queen City and we couldn’t be more excited” said Calcagno Cullen, 2023 onsite conference co-liaison who is also the founder and executive director of Wave Pool. “We’re thrilled to welcome attendees to engage with Cincinnati’s vibrant and creative arts community,” adds artist and educator, Pam Kravetz, who is working with Calcagno as the event co-liaison. NCECA promotes and improves the ceramic arts through education, community-building, research and creative inspiration. The nonprofit was founded in 1966.

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“NCECA’s host city selection committee and team are excited to bring the 2023 conference to Cincinnati,” said NCECA Executive Director Josh Green. “Learning through ceramic art engages our minds and senses. The Cincinnati region is both steeped in history and engaged with innovation. These qualities and the work of our host organizations make this an extraordinary place for creatives, educators, students, and ceramic art enthusiasts from throughout the world to gather, learn, and share their work with the greater community.”

Approximately 5,000 artists, designers, educators and scholars are expected to attend the Cincinnati conference. NCECA’s 2018 conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania had an estimated economic impact of more than $6 million.

Arts organizations and galleries throughout the region and state will host exhibitions during the conference. More details will be available as the conference approaches.


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