CSC to Host Technical Expert Julie Hregdovic

Ceramic Supply Chicago is pleased to welcome Julie Hregdovic on Saturday, January 11 as part of its ongoing Saturday Visiting Artist series.  Chicago area artists will not want to miss this informative session with Standard Ceramic Supply’s Technical Director.


Julie Hregdovic has over thirty years of industry expertise.  A 1986 graduate of Edinboro University in northeastern Pennsylvania, Hregdovic earned her B.F.A. in Ceramics and as a potter.  She took on a part-time position at Standard, which quickly grew into full-time employment.  Her experience includes the testing of clays and glazes, technical customer support, and quality control.  Over her tenure, she has developed many clay bodies and glazes, which are part of Standard’s offerings.  Her excellent knowledge of product and production makes her an essential resource for both customers and staff at Standard.  She has worked personally with many potters, listening to their needs, researching solutions, and guiding them to products that meet their specifications. 


On January 11, Hregdovic will discuss Standard’s range of products and explain how different clays work for different applications and firing temperatures.  This will be an excellent opportunity for clay artists to get back to the basics and acquire a greater understanding of their medium.


Hregdovic plans to show a video of the manufacturing process at Standard and will be available for questions and advice after her presentation.


Plan to arrive at CSC by 10:30 a.m. to attend this informative session.